‘Do it in public’!

We’ve been busy developing our plans for a follow up exhibition on the 19th of July, we are please to say we’ve had a brilliant bunch of collaborators get in touch, all with really interesting and original projects! Now we’re putting it all together: working with artists to reveal what urban wastelands are, and with designers and landscape architects to suggest ideas for what they could be.  Having looked through all the projects, we thought one thing that pulled them all together was that they seek for ways to do more in the public realm…… which gave us our ‘thought provoking’ exhibition title…

‘Do It In Public’!

We hope that the city’s decision makers and planners will be listening when we animate and illustrate the things we’d like to use our public open spaces for. It’s about having a freedom to do the things we love but in our collective urban environment: art, music, dance, learning, growing, eating, drinking…

do it in public logo


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