Do It In Public … Dominic Cifelli

Introducing the wasteland collective…Dominic Cifelli.

What are wastelands?

Wastelands should not be viewed as markers of decline associated with negative connotations. Instead we should see them as results of change and spaces with potential for alternative uses.

Wastelands have not necessarily had a specific previous purpose. They can simply be a missed opportunity or a place with potential for more. The unique qualities of each site need to be highlighted.

They are not always negative as I feel wastelands are essential spaces in the city. They offer breathing spaces or break the rhythm of the urban gain.  Nearly all have a function despite it not always being apparent at first glance.

We should celebrate our wastelands.

What can wastelands be?

It seems to me that simple enhancements are often all that is needed to improve a wasted/ underused space.  I propose to build structures, furniture and installations. These should be easy to install and remove.

I intend to illustrate this point by using the layout of the gallery. A bench made from reclaimed materials will run along the wall into the window and continue out into the street. Thus making a connection from the inside to the outside. This might catch the attention of a passer by and invite them in.

The result will be a stark design because my aim is to react with minimum production in order to illustrate the simplicity needed to transform a space in a simple and fun way.  It is more about initiating rather than designing. I’d like to design designers out to make it a democratic solution.

The intervention should speak clearly in the designers absence. This will assist the exploration of a space and allow for reflection and interpretation of the surroundings.

Pallet collecting


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