Do It In Public … Mettje Hunneman

Introducing the wasteland collective…Mettje Hunneman

Mettje Hunneman set up video LaB in 2008 at the then new Art’s Complex, inviting fellow filmmakers to viewings and discussions in a social setting. Videophiles, visual artists and musicians meet to showcase a wide range of audiovisual works and live performance in an inspirational laboratory-style setting. All about experimentation, collaboration and dialogue between different art forms.Since its foundation, video LaB has become an established part of Scotland’s creative scene, seeing Mettje connect and collaborate with a wide range of artists and performers and inspiring a new generation of video artists through a dynamic programme of events and workshops.

We’re delighted Mettje’s collaborating with us.  The work she does to bring the outside in, and the inside out fits in so well with The Wasteland Collective‘s ideas about offering greater access to our shared urban realm streets and spaces.  Mettje is interested in capturing the everyday, bringing to the fore the sights and sounds of everyday life but amplifying them to make them meaningful which sums up brilliantly an aspect of ‘what wastelands can be’!

mettje hunneman_Screenshot


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