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Putting on a show…

Well it’s Tuesday morning and the opening of our Do It In Public show on Friday was a great success. We’ve cleaned up the empties and had time to contemplate what it is like to plan, organise and put together an exhibition as a couple o’ landscape architects. The answer is …tough but rewarding! However, when working ‘In Public’ at the gallery yesterday, we began talking about how we can use the exhibition as an example of demonstrating a landscape architects skills. Our aim to promote and redefine landscape architecture can only be helped by the exhibition but we hope that it pushes us to remain open-minded and varied in our approaches to work. It seems many people are diversifying in the nature of their professions and we think landscape architects needs to step up to this too. Come along to Do It In Public and be inspired to rethink landscape architecture and to witness that many areas of work can come together to influence change in the urban environment !



Do It In Public says thank you!

… to all who came to The Wasteland Collective’s exhibition opening which was last Friday, 19th July. It was a brilliant evening, with around 60 people from a wide range of backgrounds coming along to help us drink our BrewDog beers… the photos sum it up best of all:

Do It In Public: exhibition launch wasteland collective urban residual space ideas collective

Do It In Public: exhibition launchDo It In Public: exhibition launchDo It In Public: exhibition launchDo It In Public: exhibition launch

Do it in public – come along!

Come along to our exhibition :

Do It In Public

In the Tent Gallery, Evolution House, 78 West Port, Edinburgh, EH1 2LE

We open on Friday 19th July from 5-7pm and will have refreshments provided by Brewdog!

The exhibition runs until Friday 26th July.

This exhibition contains work from various artists and designers that explores, illustrates and challenges what wastelands are and can be. The work aims to influence change in the urban environment and inspire better solutions for wasted, residual spaces. The exhibition space is set up to be used as a resource for rethinking and revealing what wasteland can be and to get the public contemplating what space is worth in the landscape of their city.

Hope to see you there!

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Do It In Public … Dominic Cifelli

Introducing the wasteland collective…Dominic Cifelli.

What are wastelands?

Wastelands should not be viewed as markers of decline associated with negative connotations. Instead we should see them as results of change and spaces with potential for alternative uses.

Wastelands have not necessarily had a specific previous purpose. They can simply be a missed opportunity or a place with potential for more. The unique qualities of each site need to be highlighted.

They are not always negative as I feel wastelands are essential spaces in the city. They offer breathing spaces or break the rhythm of the urban gain.  Nearly all have a function despite it not always being apparent at first glance.

We should celebrate our wastelands.

What can wastelands be?

It seems to me that simple enhancements are often all that is needed to improve a wasted/ underused space.  I propose to build structures, furniture and installations. These should be easy to install and remove.

I intend to illustrate this point by using the layout of the gallery. A bench made from reclaimed materials will run along the wall into the window and continue out into the street. Thus making a connection from the inside to the outside. This might catch the attention of a passer by and invite them in.

The result will be a stark design because my aim is to react with minimum production in order to illustrate the simplicity needed to transform a space in a simple and fun way.  It is more about initiating rather than designing. I’d like to design designers out to make it a democratic solution.

The intervention should speak clearly in the designers absence. This will assist the exploration of a space and allow for reflection and interpretation of the surroundings.

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Do It In Public … Cate Inglis

Introducing the wasteland collective…Cate Inglis.

What are wastelands?

A wasteland…a ruin…a forgotten place…where people once were but now are not. A loss of potential…a waste of resources….an eyesore? There is a sadness in these places that tells a story of someone’s forgotten dreams, failed plans and the amnesia of progress.

My practice is concerned with disused, derelict structures, forgotten spaces and their place amongst the constant rebuilding and evolution of urban landscapes. I record the effects of time upon the materials we use to build and fail to maintain, and the visual landscape created by layer upon layer of architecture that forever seeks to meet the needs of an advancing population.

All of these wasted spaces (and we are surrounded by them) could be so many things, as urban space becomes tighter. Through my paintings I invite the viewer to look – to really look – at what is all around us and ask themselves what was this? And what could it be?



Do It In Public – the collective

Our Do It In Public exhibition is taking shape and the collective is pulling together to develop some really interesting approaches and responses to urban wastelands. The group of artists, designers, film makers, architects and landscape architects that are involved in the exhibition have taken various approaches to question, record and redefine what our modern cities do for us and how we can ask for more. Over the next wee while we will be giving over some of our blog entries to the members of the wasteland collective and the Do It In Public exhibitors to give you a taster of the exhibition work!

Watch this space…

a wastelands exhibition

We are planning to hold a week long exhibition about urban wastelands beginning on the 19th July 2013.  We are hoping to confirm use of a city centre gallery or pop-up space in the next few days… we’ll keep you posted!

We are looking for contributors and collaborators: if you are interested in being part of the exhibition, check out the brief below and get in touch…


We are presenting an exhibition which contains a variety of work that represents, reveals and challenges wastelands.  The exhibition will include work which uses a variety of media to address the wasteland topic. These could be anything from sound pieces, projections, paintings, film to 1:1 built design ideas … the more creative the better!

We would like you to use one of two starter themes to influence the work you create for the exhibition…

1) What are wastelands? What are the signs of a wasted space / how can we challenge what constitutes a ‘wasteland’?

2) What can wastelands be? What is the potential of wasted / underused space and how can it be more creativity and imaginatively used?

The exhibition will have an equal focus on both themes.

If you are not available on July 19th we are still open to including your work in the exhibition but please inform us if this is the case.

How to take part

Please submit a short paragraph (150-200 word) outline of your idea and an indication of what you would like to exhibit to the email address below. The idea could be one that you have already been developing but which would fit in with the wasteland exhibition theme. Please email us with this information by Friday 21st June. After this date we will organise a time to meet with contributors, with the possibility of bringing different projects together to workshop proposals and form a number of project focuses.  We would also like to arrange for some of the people involved to contribute to our growing blog site.

Share this link with anyone who might be interested in taking part.

The Wasteland Collective