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wasteland projects … coming soon!

We are keeping our fingers crossed here at the wasteland collective and hoping for sunny weather this weekend for our first intervention on a wasted space in Edinburgh. We are busy bees preparing for the wasteland project and hope we can make a small impact, for a short time on a high profile, lazy bit of urban land!! If all goes well weather wise we’ll update you all on the whereabouts and timings of our project near the end of the week. IMG_0399 IMG_0400


wasteland projects

After a successful project launch and open studio day on Friday (pictures to follow- thanks for coming!) we have developed a few ideas into small project proposals for various wastelands around the City of Edinburgh. We want to install some physical interventions around the city on a temporary basis and see if they encourage people to use and see these wasted spaces in new light. Our first project is still in the pipeline but see below for a sneaky peak!

Check here or on twitter for more updates soon … !



Proposed after!

Proposed after!

this monday morning…

… is amazing! Friday’s kick-starter exhibition and studio opening last week has given us so much material and so many ideas – some very interesting project ‘buds’ are emerging! We are now getting stuck into all the contribution and responses to begin to plan the next stage: stage 2, where we begin to challenge what wastelands CAN BE… follow our blog site or check for lastest news on twitter using #wastelands2013 @wastelandscollective.

If you missed the first exhibition and would still like to pop in, just get in touch with us at and you’ll be welcome to the studio.

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a successful project launch and kick-starter exhibition !

Thanks to all who came along on Friday and contributed to our research for the wasteland collective and shared their ideas for wasteland projects! The room was full of energy and enthusiasm for improving Edinburgh’s wastelands. Now we hope to turn some of these creative ideas into something exciting and beneficial to the cities wastelands.

If you couldn’t make it along on Friday but are keen to be involved or share your ideas please get in touch, or follow us on twitter @wastelands2013



so how’s this different?

‘You see, the thing that makes us different is that we’re not just interested in traditional ‘wasteland’ or brownfield land or vacant or derelict or stalled sites: they’re really interesting too and they are certainly urban wasteland which we love working with. But we’re sure there’s so much more wasted space in Scottish towns and cities, and this is the potential we want to expose and bring into positive awareness…

… whether for community growing or found food, for artistic expression or film projection, for sitting and relaxing or for activity and play, for wildlife or for urban climate adaption…’

kick-starter: what are wastelands?

On Friday we will be having our open studio day (from 3pm – 7pm) and an official project launch for the wasteland collective!

We hope that you come along with some views on Edinburgh’s wastelands, where they are, what they would be suited for, and if they are even wastelands at all! We will be showing a small exhibition of our current research project, and hope to build and add to this throughout the open day. We will be discussing future projects and would love for anyone interested in collaborating with us to come along!

the wasteland collective team