the process

why wastelands? a project manifesto

The project is a collection of thoughts and actions, observations and manifestos which arise when we challenge ourselves to re-think what constitutes urban wasteland. At its core is a collective of landscape architects who are looking for a way to put our discipline to more dynamic effect, and to work collaboratively to offer up ideas for what wastelands could be.

This blog is the project lynchpin: an online hub for the growing number of people concerned by the wasted space in cities, people who acknowledge the value of urban land and know it can do more. The project aims to pull together a community of interest, and document how we can collectively raise the bar of what can be expected from urban land.  We work collaboratively with as wide a variety of contributers as possible, to represent the fullest range of interest.  We would like to use this as a platform to celebrate anything from permanent interventions to temporary landscape projects to fleeting momentary events – anything which gets people thinking about how they could make better use of the precious resource of urban land.

We will work with young creative practitioners: artists and community growers, filmmakers and storytellers, people who like to build and people who like to demolish, to come up with fresh approaches to landscape architecture in respose to today’s needs and aspirations.TheWatelands_text


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